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Future Materials from AgriFood Waste

Future Materials from AgriFood Waste

We prioritize long-term carbon storage and advocate for a market for net zero aligned offsets. Collaborate with us to leverage our expertise, join the fight against climate change, and bring your vision to life.

Starting a Company

How it

2010, a holiday in Borneo. Our founder witnessed a worldwide problem at first-hand. Vast areas of forest being destroyed and beautiful beaches awash in a sea of plastic waste. He decided to do something about it, he quitted his job and started a company.

The initial idea was growing Bamboo on building sites, for co-firing in coal plants. This won the Zuid-Holland Prize and reached the finals of the TEDxAmsterdam Award in 2011 and in 2013, bringing the company to the attention of the media.

The company first produced paper, then bio-concrete and finally bioplastics and was nominated for the Top 100 most innovative SME-companies in The Netherlands.

The idea wasn’t to make a war against the industry, building companies or papermakers. In fact, quite the opposite. The idea is to work with these companies, all over the world, and together make a real difference.

Explore sustainable solutions

Vybrant's Global

Embarking on a new trajectory with Vybrant, we bring a wealth of experience to aid countries in addressing climate change challenges. Vybrant actively participates in international projects, engaging with fibers sourced from countries around the globe. Now, with Vybrant, it's a transformative journey.

Explore sustainable solutions incorporating fibers from Oman, Mozambique, Ghana, The Netherlands, and beyond, setting the course for a brighter future. Our projects involve materials such as Date palm fibers, Bamboo, Miscanthus, Flax, Wood, and more, all dedicated to developing eco-friendly construction materials and contributing significantly to long-term carbon dioxide sequestration for sustainability.

Join us in shaping a greener and more sustainable world through our global fiber initiatives. Vybrant invites you to be part of this impactful journey towards a sustainable future.

Catalyst for Circular Economy Transformation

Pioneering Sustainable
Circularity for
Tomorrow's World

Vybrant positions itself as a pivotal force driving the transition towards a circular economy. Our mission is to reshape the way materials are sourced, used, and repurposed, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and waste reduction. By actively engaging in innovative projects and global partnerships, Vybrant is committed to creating a circular economy where resources are regenerated, waste is minimized, and environmental impact is significantly reduced. Join us in reshaping industries and fostering a sustainable future through Vybrant's leadership in the circular economy.