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Living and Built Environment

BioBased Materials
From AgriFood

Cultivating fiber crops for biobased construction materials provides farmers with an alternative source of income alongside traditional food production. Shift the focus to growing versatile fiber crops or utilizing AgriFood waste streams such as the leaves of Date Palm, Banana fibers, Bamboo, Miscanthus, Flax, or Bulrush, skillfully processed.

Vybrant offers guidance on crafting beautiful biobased materials. We believe in Rapid Prototyping and collaboration with industrial partners and research institutions. We emphasize aesthetics and environmental consciousness.

Collaborate with Vybrant on projects and benefit from specialized support in designing sustainable materials that sequester CO2. We specialize in concrete mixes with natural fibers from bamboo, bioplastic granules for injection molding and the production of chipboard. All materials suitable for interior or construction applications.

Scalable Innovative Concepts

Climate Concepts
and Adaptable

Vybrant is an innovative player committed to addressing the challenges arising from climate change in various countries. Vybrant develops creative concepts and solutions to tackle a range of issues. Planting deep-rooted fiber crops brings even more benefits: a more fertile soil, better biodiversity, longer water retention, soil purification, cooling effects, and the production of local biobased materials. In addition, we leverage the most modern technology and AI in our approach. By the way: Did you know that some fiber crops can capture much more CO2 than a forest?

Vybrant-Vibrancy in every Fiber

How we use the Vybrant brand

Licensing And

By licensing the Vybrant brand, companies gain access to a powerful symbol of sustainability and positive environmental impact. Vybrant's success in developing concepts and materials across various countries enhances the brand's credibility and market appeal.

Partnership with Vybrant through licensing opens doors to expertise, research, and a proven track record. Businesses can leverage the positive associations tied to the Vybrant brand to enhance their own image, showcasing a shared commitment to a sustainable future.

Biobased Resources for Sustainable Production

Assessing The
Viability and Delivery

Vybrant specializes in thoroughly examining biobased raw materials to determine their suitability for your specific processes in creating construction materials. Our expertise includes evaluating the material's consistency, treatment, pricing, certification, transport, and storage. At Vybrant, we understand that the right raw material is crucial for the success of your business. Additionally, we offer the option to arrange the delivery of biomass for your enterprise through a framework contract. Vybrant is eager to take responsibility for a smooth and consistent delivery, allowing you to focus on your core activities.


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